Fischer vs. Kasparov

As published in Kilometer Zero.  Paris.  2000.

37 Rue de la Bucherie

Paris, France 75018


Bobby played White and to match Garry’s wit

Called a pawn sacrifice – a king-side gambit.

But the pawn was aghast, and on account of his pride

Cried, “No!” refusing his forced suicide.

Yet he followed orders: “Two paces towards Black!”

And didn’t even flinch when they made their attack,

Rather smote them with every bit of his might,

One by one killed a pawn, a bishop, a knight.

With each one that fell he muttered this cry,

“I shall not allow tactics condemn me to die.

I was once Fischer’s pawn.  Now, I’m nobody’s fool.

I will checkmate them both before following their rules.”

He gathered his strength, took a deep breath,

And stared at Bobby Fischer full in the face.

And doubling his courage moved backwards one pace.

He turned against White, this expatriate pawn

And took down his own king – his oedipal dawn.